ProxCP Admin - Manage DHCP

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ProxCP maintains a DHCP table for all KVM and LXC services whether it is used or not. With this table, ProxCP can manage your DHCP servers for you if you're using the "isc-dhcp-server" software.

On this page, you can enter credentials for your DHCP servers. ProxCP will generate configuration files for isc-dhcp-server if a DHCP server is found for a certain network. This configuration management occurs whenever a VPS is created. If a VPS is removed, the DHCP entry in the table will be removed but the DHCP configuration file will not be immediately updated.

The ProxCP DHCP table is always kept up-to-date with the appropriate entries and data therefore DHCP can be enabled or disabled at any time.

DHCP functionality will work for LXC, NAT LXC, KVM, and NAT KVM services. DHCP is not designed to work with Public Cloud accounts.


  • DHCP Server Hostname:
    • the hostname of your isc-dhcp-server
  • Root Password:
    • the password of your isc-dhcp-server
  • SSH Port:
    • the SSH port of your isc-dhcp-server
  • DHCP Network:
    • the network that this isc-dhcp-server controls. This dropdown will be empty until you have at least 1 active LXC or KVM service within ProxCP

Note: These SSH credentials are separate from ProxCP Admin - Manage Node SSH credentials.