ProxCP Admin - Manage Node SSH

From ProxCP Documentation

This page allows Admin users to add and remove Proxmox node SSH credentials. Saving these credentials is optional in most cases.

The following ProxCP features require saved Proxmox node SSH credentials:

  • Enable LXC TUN/TAP interface
  • Disable LXC TUN/TAP interface
  • Changing root passwords of LXC services
  • Moving KVM custom ISO file uploads from ProxCP Web to an individual Proxmox node
  • Enable KVM VirtIO RNG device
  • Disable KVM VirtIO RNG device
  • Managing NAT-enabled Proxmox nodes

Saved SSH credentials are encrypted with AES-256-CBC.

If you have marked a Proxmox node as a NAT node, SSH credentials are required.

If SSH credentials are not available for a given Proxmox node, the above ProxCP features are disabled for users.