ProxCP Web and ProxCP Daemon Error Troubleshooting

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ProxCP Web

  • ERROR: Blank/white page when adding a new Proxmox node (ADMIN/Manage Nodes)
    • PHP 7.2 mcrypt might not be installed. To install it on cPanel, issue the following commands in SSH:

yum install
yum install libmcrypt
yum install libmcrypt-devel
/opt/cpanel/ea-php72/root/usr/bin/pecl install channel://

    • Restart httpd and PHP-FPM (if enabled)
  • ERROR: "license check failed error: install is only allowed on a real working domain"
    • ProxCP Web can only be installed on a domain name, not an IP address. ProxCP checks the installation location based on the actual URL. The URL must be a domain or sub-domain, not an IP address.
  • ERROR: redirected back to a form with no displayed or logged errors
    • The form's CSRF prevention token check may have failed. In your php.ini file, ensure session.save_path has a valid directory value and your web server user (i.e. www-data, apache, etc.) has permissions to it.

ProxCP Daemon

  • ERROR: NPM error when installing forever on a cPanel server

npm config set strict-ssl false

    • You have another process already using the same port as the ProxCP Daemon (port 8000 by default). Be sure you are only running 1 instance of the Daemon and no other program is using the same port.