ProxCP User ISO Uploads

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User ISO Uploads Overview

  • If ISO uploads are enabled and a user has an active KVM or Public Cloud service, the ISO upload form will appear on the ProxCP dashboard
  • ISO files are verified by checking file extensions and the file header (magic number)
  • ISO files are uploaded in 5MB chunks; if the connection is interrupted before completion, the upload will resume at the last saved chunk
  • When an upload is completed, the ISO file is moved to the Proxmox ISO store
    • ProxCP assumes all Proxmox nodes share a common ISO storage location
  • If the upload could not be moved to the Proxmox storage for any reason, the error will be logged for future review

Required Server Settings

  • Your php.ini settings must allow for large file uploads
  • ProxCP ISO uploads require upload_max_filesize and post_max_size directives to be equal
  • Currently, the 5MB chunk size is not changeable