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ProxCP uses Twig templates to allow for high levels of customization to the user interface.

Branding Notice

If you have a branded license, you are not permitted to attempt to delete, hide, or change the branding footer in any way.

The ProxCP logo is located at img/logo.png. The default logo size is 350 x 56. The logo can be changed by overwriting the img/logo.png file.

Additionally, the favicon is a normal png image located at favicon.ico. The favicon size should be 16 x 16 and can be changed by overwriting the favicon.ico file.

CSS Colors

Don't like the default blue color scheme? No problem, you can change it.

  • css/main.css is the primary CSS file
  • Most color codes or styling you may want to change involve the following IDs and classes:
    • #navigation
    • .green_tab a
    • .form-control:focus
    • .alert-info-vngreen
    • .nav-pills>>a
    • .nav-elem li a
    • .login-box
    • .tooltip-wrapper
    • keyframes pulse
  • Additionally, there is a css/custom.css file that is loaded last on every page. You should make your custom CSS changes in that file to prevent overwriting after an update.