ProxCP Changelog

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2020-00-00 v 1.5

  • Coming soon

2020-06-04 v 1.4

  • Fixed: VMID assignment bug
  • Fixed: rare API output bug
  • Fixed: WHMCS module blank page

2019-10-23 v 1.4

  • Fixed: KVM rebuilds fail when using a ZFS backend storage system

2019-10-11 v 1.4

  • Added: IP pool now shows IP assignments and allows admins to manually clear assignments if necessary
  • Added: option to add non-CIDR IPs into the pool (i.e. singular IPs, /31, /32)
  • Added: Main VM table now includes a column for assigned CPU cores of LXC/KVM services
  • Added: When a service is cancelled via a billing module, the Proxmox pool/user are also deleted
  • Added: ProxCP billing modules will now check for existing client accounts and, if it exists, display a message in the password field instead of a new meaningless password
  • Changed: Updated 3rd party vendor libraries and Maxmind GeoLite database
  • Fixed: provisioning functions of the Blesta module
  • Fixed: Blesta module, client area button formatting
  • Fixed: ProxCP API functionality for Blesta support

2019-08-22 v 1.3

  • Added: LXC/KVM creation form field to specify a custom MAC address instead of a random MAC address
  • Added: LXC/KVM automatic detection and import of LXC templates/KVM ISOs from Proxmox into ProxCP. Ignores any uploaded KVM custom ISOs
  • Changed: removed unused fields when adding a new Proxmox node
  • Fixed: bug preventing LXC services from being created correctly
  • Fixed: date counter bug regarding log cleaning on ADMIN/System Logs
  • Fixed: KVM rebuilds bug where rate limited VMs did not keep the rate limit after a rebuild
  • Fixed: empty/ghost password being set when changing ProxCP Web SMTP settings

2019-06-15 v 1.2

  • Added: LXC/KVM firewall rules can now be edited instead of deleting and recreating the rule
  • Added: SMTP can now optionally be used for outgoing ProxCP emails
  • Added: ADMIN UI now has searchable dropdown lists for client ID form fields
  • Added: ADMIN LXC/KVM virtual machine creation now asks for a port speed parameter
  • Added: ADMIN can now edit Proxmox node details instead of deleting and recreating the node
  • Added: Blesta billing module
  • Changed: mcrypt is no longer a PHP pre-requisite for encryption/decryption routines. OpenSSL is now being used
  • Fixed: bug with JS events not being fired on paged tables (+)
  • Fixed: licensing library callback errors

2019-05-03 v 1.1

  • Fixed: bug with JS events not being fired on paged tables

2019-03-25 v 1.1

  • Added: resumable user ISO uploads - KVM and Public Cloud
  • Added: automatic update checking in ADMIN dashboard
  • Changed: ADMIN settings -> enable/disable user ISO uploads
  • Changed: ADMIN dashboard -> new menu layout
  • Updated: ProxCP Web licensing improvements
  • Fixed: bug with LVM storage causing KVM service creation to fail

2019-02-01 v 1.0

  • Initial release