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ProxCP WHMCS Requirements

  • WHMCS version 7.5 or higher
  • ProxCP uses its built-in IP manager to assign IP addresses to new services from WHMCS. First, login to your ProxCP admin account and go to ADMIN > Manage IPv4 Pool (WHMCS). Add an IPv4 pool as requested on the page for WHMCS to use.
  • The ProxCP WHMCS module communicates with the ProxCP API to manage services. To create API authentication credentials, go to ADMIN > Manage API (WHMCS) and create a new API ID/Key pair. In the IP restriction box, enter the IP address of your WHMCS installation location. IP restrictions are required for the API.

ProxCP WHMCS Installation

  • Upload all files in the _whmcs_module directory to the modules/servers/ directory of WHMCS

...That's it!

ProxCP WHMCS Configuration

  • In WHMCS, go to Setup > Products/Services > Servers
    • Add a new server for ProxCP:
    • Name: anything you want
    • Hostname: the domain of your ProxCP Web installation
    • IP Address: the IP address of your ProxCP Web installation
    • Type: ProxCP
    • Username: ProxCP API ID
    • Password: ProxCP API Key
    • Make sure Use SSL Connections is CHECKED
    • All other Server fields are optional/not used by the module
    • Note: you only need 1 ProxCP server for all Proxmox nodes
  • In WHMCS, go to Setup > Products/Services > Configurable Options
    • ProxCP requires 1 Configurable Option for all KVM and LXC services you offer. KVM Public Cloud services do not require any configurable options.
    • The Configurable Option must be a dropdown named "Operating System". The dropdown option names must match the "Friendly Name" field of KVM/LXC ISOs/Templates you added in ProxCP.
WHMCS Configurable Option example
  • In WHMCS, go to Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services
  • Create a new product:
    • Product Type: Dedicated/VPS Server
  • Module Settings tab:
    • Module Name: ProxCP
    • Server Group: None
    • ProxCP Service Type: KVM, LXC, or KVM Public Cloud
    • Proxmox Node: which Proxmox node should new services be created on for this product?
    • Default OS Installation Type: should new orders be created with ISO mounts or from template clones?
    • Other module settings should be self-explanatory for service resources (storage, CPU, RAM, bandwidth)
WHMCS Module Settings example
  • This covers the WHMCS provisioning module for ProxCP. The module supports all automation functions creation, termination, suspension, and unsuspension.