ProxCP Billing - Hostbill

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As of ProxCP v 1.5, Hostbill is no longer supported.

ProxCP Hostbill Requirements

The ProxCP Hostbill integration comes in the form of Hostbill hooks because Hostbill does not provide public documentation on their plugin/module API.

ProxCP Hostbill hooks require the following in order to work:

  • Hostbill Proxmox plugin (v2 or higher, v1 is not supported)
  • Hostbill IPAM plugin

These plugins are required to actually create/suspend/unsuspend/terminate VPS accounts on Proxmox nodes. Our hooks simply sync data between Hostbill and ProxCP.

ProxCP Hostbill Installation

* Copy all contents of the _hostbill_hooks directory in ProxCP Web to your Hostbill installation at includes/extend/hooks/

  • Edit the configuration file with the various settings it asks for
    • ProxCP database, Hostbill database, error handling, ProxCP secret key