ProxCP Admin - Manage Reverse DNS

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This page allows admins to view and delete user reverse DNS/PTR entries.

ProxCP Reverse DNS management is an optional feature. This feature requires a cPanel/WHM server to function correctly. If enabled, ProxCP will work with cPanel/WHM to add, edit, and remove DNS PTR records.

ProxCP supports both IPv4 and IPv6 reverse DNS records.

ProxCP users can only add reverse DNS records for IP addresses within their account. Users cannot add reverse DNS entires for NAT IP addresses.

Deleting a PTR record on this page only removes the data from ProxCP. Further action may be required to purge the record from cPanel/WHM.

cPanel/WHM DNS Zone

WHM can be used to manage reverse DNS records for an IP block. To do this, the nameservers for the IP block need to point to your WHM server. The process to do this varies by hosting provider. Additionally, the IP block must be at least a /24 to delegate nameservers.

Once nameserver delegation is completed by your hosting provider, you must create the appropriate DNS zone in WHM.

  • Example IP Block:
  • Example DNS Zone name:

In general, the format is {3rd octet}.{2nd octet}.{1st octet} for IPv4 and {prefix} for IPv6.