ProxCP Admin - Manage NAT Nodes

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This page allows Admin users to mark existing Proxmox nodes as NAT-enabled nodes. NAT-enabled nodes require SSH credentials to be saved as well. NAT-enabled nodes can have NAT virtual machines and non-NAT virtual machines active on them.

Proxmox nodes can only have 1 NAT IP Range at a time.

Feature Overview

  • Node: the Proxmox node you would like to mark as NAT-enabled
  • Node Public IP: this field is read only and is automatically filled with the chosen Proxmox node's public IP address
  • NAT IP Range: the private IP range that NAT virtual machines will use on this node

Enhanced Statistics

Once you have one or more active NAT services in ProxCP, this page also shows enhanced service statistics.

  • Level 1: Clicking the NAT VM Limit column in a table row will show Admins a list of all NAT virtual machines on the selected node
  • Level 2: Clicking in any area of a VM row will show another window with the exact NAT domains and NAT ports assigned to the chosen NAT virtual machine

This information can be useful for troubleshooting or just having a general idea of where NAT domains and NAT ports are on your infrastructure.

Admin users cannot add or remove NAT domains or NAT ports on behalf of users - this information is read only.