ProxCP Admin - Manage KVM ISO

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Before creating a new KVM service, you must add one or more KVM ISOs or KVM Templates to ProxCP.

To add a KVM ISO, click ADMIN > KVM > Manage KVM ISOs. This page will scan your first Proxmox node for KVM ISOs that are not yet added in ProxCP then allow you to add them.

ProxCP assumes that all KVM ISOs saved here are available on all added Proxmox nodes.

Alternatively, you can add KVM ISOs manually. In the Friendly Name field, enter a name for the ISO such as "CentOS 7". In the volume ID field, enter the volume ID of the template. The format for this is {storage_name}:iso/{file_name}. For example, if the KVM ISO was stored in the "local-lvm" Proxmox storage, the volume ID would be local-lvm:iso/centos.iso.

KVM ISO Removal

This page allows Admins to delete KVM ISOs from ProxCP. This action does not delete the ISO file from Proxmox nodes.