ProxCP User ISO Uploads

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User ISO Uploads Overview

  • If custom KVM ISO uploads are enabled and a user has an active KVM or Public Cloud service, the ISO upload form will appear on the ProxCP dashboard
  • ISO files are verified by checking file name extensions and the file header (magic number)
    • If a file upload is determined not to be an ISO file, the upload will be removed
  • Due to large file sizes, ISO files are uploaded in 5MB chunks; if the connection is interrupted before completion, the upload will stop and be resumed at the last saved chunk when the user restarts the upload
  • When an upload is completed, the ISO file is moved to the Proxmox ISO store
    • For custom KVM ISOs, ProxCP assumes all Proxmox nodes share a common ISO storage location such as a shared NFS location
  • If the upload could not be moved to the Proxmox storage for any reason, the error will be logged for future review

Required Server Settings

  • Your php.ini settings must allow for large file uploads
  • ProxCP ISO uploads require upload_max_filesize and post_max_size directives to be equal in php.ini
  • Currently, the 5MB chunk size is not changeable

Custom KVM ISOs - Admin

This page presents a table listing all custom KVM ISO uploads initiated by ProxCP users. Admins cannot upload a custom ISO on another users' behalf.

The table shows upload status (created, uploaded, copying, or active) and allows Admins to remove custom ISOs. This action will delete the custom KVM ISO from ProxCP and delete the associated ISO file from Proxmox nodes if it exists.