Manually Disable NAT on Proxmox Node

From ProxCP Documentation

Generally speaking, once a node is NAT-enabled in ProxCP, it cannot be disabled automatically. However, instructions are provided below to manually disable NAT mode on a Proxmox node connected to ProxCP.

As expected, NAT VPS features will not work if NAT mode is disabled.


  1. service nginx stop
  2. apt remove --purge nginx && apt remove --purge nginx* && apt remove --purge libnginx-mod-* && apt autoremove
  3. After removing nginx, ensure the /etc/nginx and /var/www/html directories are deleted rm -rf /etc/nginx && rm -rf /var/www/html
  4. systemctl disable proxcp-iptables.service
  5. rm /root/
  6. rm /etc/systemd/system/proxcp-iptables.service
  7. rm /root/proxcp-iptables.rules
  8. Remove the vmbr10 interface from the /etc/network/interfaces file
  9. iptables -F -t nat && iptables -F -t raw
  10. Reboot the server